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The Visitors

In 2021, aliens made first contact with humans. Their goal was to conquer. Fortunately, they first connected to the internet and instantaneously became too dumb to take over anything. Stranded a million light years away from their home, The Visitors survive on a diet of pop culture garbage from the dumpster of humanity. They are now cursed to share cat GIFs and memes with each other until the end of time.

The Visitors is a collection of 10,001 unique pieces of collectible art, living on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon Proof of Stake (POS) Network. Each Visitor comes with perks that grant exclusive access.

What is it?

Every Visitor is unique. Each piece of art is autogenerated from over 300+ features hand-drawn by artist Mike Mitchell.

Each Visitor exists as an ERC-721 token on polygon, is hosted on IPFS, with an initial mint cost of .0420 wETH

Holding a Visitor grants you copyright and commercial usage, as well as access to future airdrops, and exclusive members only features like The Graveyard and The Recycler.

The Recycler

Throw your old Visitors into The Recycler to trade them in for some brand spankin’ new ones! It’s ok! Death comes for us all! Look for the chance to recycle multiple Visitors and in exchange receive new special types. This has the added benefit of making Visitors deflationary as the supply dwindles over time.

The Graveyard

The big spaceship in the sky.

Although burned/recycled Visitors are dead (like, super dead), they will forever be memorialized in The Graveyard. The Graveyard is an ownership perk, and all Visitor holders will be granted copyright and commercial usage for all Visitors that have been sent to The Graveyard.


After 10% of Visitors are sold, we'll airdrop 10 Visitors to random holders.

1,000 $MIKE tokens will be dropped to the first 1,000 Visitor holders, which can be used for future Mike Mitchell NFT projects.

Visitor airdrops from Mike and friends. ONGOING

Physical merch shop. Hats, shirts, prints, stickers, etc. all available in the real world. IN PROGRESS

When 100% sold, work will begin on The Recycler and The Graveyard. IN PROGRESS

Brand new generative art from Mike Mitchell airdropped to each Visitor. ON DECK

Copyright 2021 Mike Mitchell

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